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Step by Step

How It Works

Moving to online booking allows us to reach more customers and it allows you to book within seconds. Here is a guide on the process of booking, payments, and installation. 


Step 1

If you are an existing customer who had lights installed by Freedom Light LLC in the past years, choose "Re-Hang" in the city in which the service is provided. 

If you are a new customer, submit a quote. Once the quote is approved by both parties, book a "1st Time" hang in the city you requested for. 


Step 2

After the appointment booking, we will send you a customized invoice within 1-3 days. Credit/debit or cash payments are accepted. Pay through the invoice. If paying cash, select "Manual Payment" in the invoice. 

Payments are due by the installation date by the appointment time. Service will not be completed without an appointment. 


Step 3

Light installation!!!

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